Sharlene Provilus

Sharlene Alice provilus

  the entrepreneur


Social Entrepreneurship

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It was only a matter of time and faith before I created ventures of my own. Each of the projects I'm involved with contain the same core elements. I’m focused on developing leaders, communities, and ideas.

The Redeemed Art Collective was founded to support artist in their transition to becoming creative entrepreneurs. The overarching desire is to create an organization that doesn't just care about art, we care about and support artist.

Write Speak Inspire is my passion project. Our vision is to elevate the voices of influencers and inspire multiple generations for generations to come through written and spoken words that move people to action. This speaker platform is designed to support messages that inspire people to harness the power of their own story. We really believe you can use your words to change the world.

The Dream Team Project was created to bring like-minded leaders together. This elite group of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals is focused on creating opportunities to support initiatives all across our nation through philanthropy and leadership development.



Write Speak Inspire
Chief Executive OFficer [CEo]

Write. Speak. Inspire.™ is an education and training company. We develop high-quality learning experiences, creative productions and speaking engagements that challenge, empower and inspire participants.

REdeemed art Collective

Redeemed Art Collective™ exist to serve creative people. We support the efforts and talents of those who are influencing our culture—the artist. Our long-term mission is to establish collaborative work spaces for different disciplines of artists to create, display their work excellently and develop as creative entrepreneurs.

Dream Team Project
Senior partner

The Dream Team Project works to galvanize and mobilize entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals by equipping them with the means of creating financial resources and relationships that empower their dreams. We are developing a network of elite leaders that will make a life-changing impact on their local, national and global community.


Sharlene Alice provilus

The Consultant



It’s hard for me to think of something I enjoy more than helping clients share their stories. That’s just how I’m wired.  I tend to believe the best about others and I'm willing to offer support whenever and wherever I can. I intentionally surround myself with people who want to accomplish more and impact others. The projects I take on maximize my creative gifts and professional interest. My goal is to drive impact through very effective personal and brand storytelling.


Consulting projects

  • Web Design

  • Copywriting

  • Content Writing

  • Marketing collateral

  • Workflow Management